Terms and Conditions of Booking

In order to book a property with the Cornish Collection, you must agree to the following terms and conditions:

CONDITIONS OF BOOKING Part 1 (all properties)

1. Cornish Collection Ltd is registered in England and Wales  - registered number 4829229.

2. Cornish Collection Ltd. acts only as the Booking Agent of the Owner (whose identity is disclosed) and the agreement is between you (the Visitor) and the Owner.

3. In the event of a cancellation I will immediately advise Cornish Collection. I understand that they will without prejudice to their right to the balance in full, use their best endeavours to re-let. If Cornish Collection is able to re-let the accommodation I understand they will return my deposit less any expenses they might incur for advertising, office costs, etc. I also understand that I will receive details of an optional holiday cancellation insurance scheme which will provide cover against most circumstances that might give rise to cancellation.

4. I understand that if for any reason Cornish Collection is unable to comply with this contract, by providing the holiday home of my choice, Cornish Collection is liable forthwith to refund to me the full amount of the monies paid by me and Cornish Collection's total liability to me is limited to the refunding of such monies.

5. I agree that neither Cornish Collection nor any persons in their employ will be liable for any loss, damage, sickness or injury howsoever caused which may be sustained by me or any member of my party, or any person whom I may invite into the accommodation and grounds of a Cornish Collection property during the holiday period.

6. I undertake to take care of the property and will leave it, the furniture and equipment in the same condition as I found it. I further undertake to notify Cornish Collection of any damages or breakages and to reimburse them for such costs at the end of the holiday.  In the extreme event that one of our party contracts Covid-19 and we are unable to vacate the property I agree that further per diem rental charges will be payable to cover the period of our extended occupation. I further accept that medical certification of the relevant condition will be required to verify our inability to vacate the accommodation in accordance with our contract.

7. I undertake to observe Cornish Collection rules.

8. I warrant that the number in the party as stated by me on the booking form and accepted by Cornish Collection by their confirmation of my booking will not be exceeded and that the Cornish Collection will be fully entitled to terminate my holiday if at any time during the holiday period this condition is breached. I also accept that pets are not permitted in many of the properties managed by the Cornish Collection and that to bring a pet to such a property will constitute grounds for instant termination of the holiday by Cornish Collection.

9. I understand that whilst representations both verbal and visual contained in advertising matter, brochures and websites are made in good faith and have been carefully scrutinised, they are only intended to give general guidance as to the character of the accommodation and do not form part of any agreement with Cornish Collection.

10. In the event of any complaint this must be notified to Cornish Collection during the holiday and inspected by Cornish Collection to establish the voracity of the complaint. Un-inspected complaints or complaints notified after the property has been vacated cannot be upheld.

11. I accept that should I wish to change the dates or the accommodation of my holiday after these have been confirmed by Cornish Collection an administration charge of £35 will be levied.

12.In some properties pets are permitted, where this is the case well behaved dogs are welcomed at the charge indicated to cover extra cleaning costs. Pets MUST NOT be left unaccompanied in the property and are not permitted on any furniture or in the bedrooms. Bedding for pets is not supplied.

13. Cornish Collection and property Owners strive to offer a happy holiday experience however, neither the Agents or Owners can be held responsible for maintenance or building works that may be undertaken by third parties affecting adjoining or neighbouring properties. Should such works be in progress this will not form grounds for the holidaymaker to cancel the reservation and no refunds partial or full will be given by the Owner or Agent.

14. Some properties offer Broadband WIFI access. Cornish Collection and the Owners cannot guarantee the quality or availability of this service and cannot be held to be responsible for it.

15. DATA PROTECTION. Cornish Collection will retain your personal details on file and in electronic storage and will use this information solely for its requirements in processing your booking. Certain personal information related to you may be passed to the Owner of the property to facilitate the booking but such disclosure will always be kept to the minimum.

16. Pets are only permitted in our holiday accommodation where this is specifically stated in the property description. 

17. All properties are strictly non-smoking.

18. You must be 21 (twenty-one) years of age or older to make a holiday booking with Cornish Collection. Cornish Collection will not accept bookings made online by younger persons.

19. Cornish Collection does not accept without prior consultation bookings for single sex groups including hen or stag parties in any of its properties.

20. Cornish Collection reserves the right to refuse any online booking where a payment has been made but where in the opinion of Cornish Collection the booking contravenes any of the conditions set out herein.

21. Cars requiring electric charging must only be charged at properties that have a fixed EV charger provided for the purpose. Guests are expressly forbidden to use adapters connected to any other supply at the property. No electronic devices including electric bikes are to be left unattended overnight when on charge.

22. Guests are responsible on departure for signing out of any subscription services that they may utilise via smart devices at the property. Cornish Collection will not be responsible for the costs of any such services left available to subsequent guests by failure to comply with this condition.

23. Bicycles must not be stored in exit routes or hallways.


ADDITIONAL CONDITIONS OF BOOKING Part 2 - applies to Rock Towers Apartments only

Occupiers Obligations The Occupier will - :

1.1 Keep the Premises during the Term in as good and clean state of repair condition and decoration as the Premises are in at the commencement of the Term and make good all damage and breakages to the premises which may occur during the Term.

1.2 Not use any paraffin or other liquid fuel-heating appliance on the premises.

1.3 Permit the landlord or the Landlords employees or agents to enter the premises at all reasonable times to inspect the same and the landlords furniture and effects therein (if any) and to carry out any works of maintenance or repair to the Premises or elsewhere which the Landlord may consider to be necessary.

1.4 Not assign sublet or part with possession of the whole or any part of the Premises.

1.5 Not use the Premises other than for the purpose of a holiday home.

1.6 Deliver up the Premises to the Landlord at the end of the Term in the same good and clean state of repair condition and decoration as they were in at the commencement of the Term.

The Occupier will:

2.1 Not damage or remove from the Premises any of the furniture and effects.

2.2 Make good all damage and breakages to the furniture and effects which may occur during the Term.

2.3 Leave the furniture and effects at the end of the Term in the same condition as they were in at the commencement of the Term.

2.4 Clean or pay for the cleaning of all carpets furniture linen counterpanes blankets and curtains (if any) included n the letting which shall have been soiled during the Term. 

3 Forfeiture

3.1  PROVIDED THAT if there shall be a breach of any of the obligations on the part of the Occupier the Landlord may re-enter the Premises or any part thereof in the name of the whole and immediately thereupon the Term shall absolutely determine without prejudice to any other rights and remedies of the Landlord.

4. Miscellaneous
4,1 "Premises" in these Conditions includes the landlords fixtures and fittings.

4.2 If a deposit has been paid it shall be retained by the landlords as security for performance of the occupiers obligations and shall be repaid to the Occupier only after the end of the Term and then without interest and after deduction therefrom of any sums required to compensate the Landlord wholly or in part for any breach of obligation on the Occupiers part.

4.3 The Conditions of Booking - Part 1 are to be taken in conjunction with these Conditions of Booking Part 2.

4.4 If two or more people are together the obligations of the Occupier shall be joint and several.
4.5 References to masculine gender include the feminine: to the singular include the plural: and to month mean calendar month.

Special Conditions Part 2 continued - Regulations to be observed by the Occupier

The Occupier shall not:
1. Do or permit to be done whether by servants agents or visitors any act to the disturbance damage or annoyance of the Landlord or the occupiers of any part of the remainder of the building in which the Premises are situated or any part of any neighbouring premises or the neighbourhood or any illegal or immoral act.

2. Permit a person of unsound mind or a drunkard or a person of immoral life to reside in the Premise.

3. Make any noise in the Premises or play any musical instrument or make any musical or other sound audible outside the Premises between the hours of 11 PM and 8 AM not at any time in such manner as to cause complaints from other tenants and not to permit any person or persons or children under the control of the Occupier to loiter or play in or about the hallways lifts or common parts of the building otherwise than as a means of approach and egress into or from the Premises.

4. Use any electrical device which has no effective suppressor fitted thereto.

5. Keep any dog. animal, reptile or bird in the Premises.

6. Throw dirt rubbish rags or other refuse or other substances or permit the same to be thrown into the wash hand basins lavatory baths cistern or waste or soil pipes in the Premises or out of the windows not to shake beat or Permit to be shaken or beaten any carpets dusters or other objects from the windows or doors of the Premises.

7. Erect or affix any radio or television aerial or window box or other objects outside the Premises nor allow any clothes or other articles to outside the Premises.

8. Keep shut the entrance doors of the Premises and not to leave outside the premises any boxes parcels refuse anywhere in or about the building except in the bin store and not to remove from the Premises any cinders dust or rubbish except in a covered pail.

9. Keep any cycle perambulator or any vehicles on any part of the building except other than within the parking space forming part of the premises.

10. Cut injure or in any way interfere with the lawns flowers plants or trees or natural or decorative growths (if any) on the estate or particularly the amenity area.

11 Leave or permit to be left any oily waste or other inflammable materials lying about on the Premises or elsewhere in or around

12 Allow any auction to be held on the Premises nor to permit the same to be used for any trade or business.

13 Install or suffer to be installed any machine on the Premises which shall be noisy or cause vibrations or be a nuisance to the landlord or the tenants or occupiers of the remainder of the building or any neighbours or which may overload or strain the floors or ceilings of the building.

14 Play or permit to be played games in or otherwise to indulge in any noisy pursuits in the amenity area or elsewhere in or around the remainder of the building.

15. Park or permit to be parked any caravan caravanette boat trailer or similar vehicles nor any commercial vehicle in any part of the roadways drives accessways and forecourts surrounding the building.

16. Park or permit parking otherwise than within the designated parking spaces for the Premises nor use such parking space otherwise than for the parking of private motor cars belonging to the Occupier or his guests or invitees.

17. Use the patio area or balcony (as the case may be) included within the Premises in such, a manner as to cause a nuisance or annoyance to tenants or occupiers of the flats in the remainder of the building.

Please contact us if you require assistance.