Looking for a sandy escape where your four-legged friend can join in the fun?

Discover the best dog-friendly beaches Looe has to offer – from tranquil spots like Plaidy Beach to adventures along the South West Coast Path.

We’ve got the scoop on where to go, what to expect, and tips to keep in mind. Dive in for a paw-perfect beach day.

Key Takeaways

  • Hannafore Beach is an all-year-round dog-friendly beach with convenient facilities, perfect for both pet owners and their dogs to enjoy. The beach has a blend of sand, rock pools, and stunning island views.

  • For a peaceful dog walking experience, Plaidy Beach offers a serene, less crowded environment and year-round access, while the South West Coast Path provides an adventurous trail with historical intrigue and diverse terrains.

  • Looe not only boasts a selection of beaches and trails welcoming to dogs, but it also provides an array of dog friendly pubs, cafes, and dog friendly holiday cottages, ensuring a pleasant stay for both pets and their owners.

Paws and Paddles at Hannafore Beach

We start with Hannafore Beach, a haven for dogs throughout the year. Dotted with a delightful mix of sand and shingle, this beach is a hit among dog walkers.

The unique rock pools that emerge at low tide and the stunning views of St. George’s Island make Hannafore a must-visit.

Additionally, Hannafore Beach boasts a convenient location close to cafes and well-maintained toilets, so you can enjoy a hot cuppa and some light bites during a fun-filled beach day with your pooch.

This combination of natural beauty and creature comforts truly makes it one of the best dog-friendly beaches in Looe.

Seaton Beach: A Canine Coastal Paradise

Just a short drive from Looe or a 3.7 mile walk along the coast path, Seaton Beach offers a fantastic day out for dogs and their owners. This spacious beach, with its stretch of grey pebbles transitioning to soft golden sand at low tide, is a canine playground where dogs are welcome throughout the year.

Seaton Beach is ideal for those who enjoy long walks with the sound of waves providing a soothing backdrop. The beach is bordered by the Seaton River, creating a picturesque environment for a game of fetch or a leisurely paddle. The gentle slope of the beach into the water makes it an excellent spot for dogs who love to swim.

In addition to its natural beauty, Seaton Beach is backed by a promenade featuring amenities that cater to both pets and humans. The Smugglers Inn is known for its warm welcome to four-legged visitors and has its very own menu for dogs. It is also possible to walk along the river through the woodlands to Hessenford where you can stop for a drink by the river and well earned rest for your four legged friend at The Copley Arms.

Seaton Beach great for dog walkers

Plaidy Beach: A Peaceful Retreat

Seeking tranquility? Plaidy Beach should be your choice. Known for its peaceful and less crowded environment, Plaidy offers a serene setting for a relaxing dog walk. The small sandy beach features a blend of sand and shingle, encased by steep cliffs that create a secluded haven away from bustling tourist spots.

Despite its relative seclusion, Plaidy Beach offers the following features:

  • A fairly sheltered beach

  • Accessible via a coastal path from Looe or Millendreath Beach

  • Welcomes dogs all year round without any restrictions.

Adventure Along the South West Coast Path

If you’re yearning for a more adventurous outdoor experience, consider the South West Coast Path. Starting from West Looe, this scenic trail is a canine paradise, with open fields and coastal views bound to get tails wagging. While the north coast has its own charm, the South West Coast Path offers a unique experience for both you and your furry friend.

The trail offers:

  • Large field that dogs love to race around and explore

  • Varied terrain, catering to different levels of ability

  • Historical tales of a sixth-century monastery, shipwrecks, and smugglers, adding a touch of intrigue to your walk.

The journey concludes at the picturesque fishing village of Polperro, where local businesses and services warmly welcome adventurers. It’s not just a walk, but a journey filled with exploration, history, and breathtaking views.

Walks on the South West Coast Path

Kilminorth Woods: A Woodland Wander

If you crave variety beyond beach walks in South East Cornwall, Kilminorth Woods in Looe is another fantastic option for dog walkers. This nature reserve is one of the largest valley oaklands in Cornwall, rich in wildlife and natural beauty. In the spring, the woods are awash with blossoms from:

  • wild cherry trees

  • primroses

  • bluebells

  • and more

creating a vibrant ground cover.

The woods are home to various bird species, and if you’re lucky, you might even catch a glimpse of roe deer and kingfishers. There are various trails through the woods which offer wildlife sightings, a lush broadleaf environment, and beautiful views over the West Looe River, making it a favourite among dog walkers.

Kilminorth Woods

Beyond Looe: Nearby Dog Friendly Beaches

Beyond Looe, a variety of dog-friendly beaches awaits your exploration. Whitsand Bay is a huge flat sandy beach, perfect for dogs who just love to run and chase a ball. It’s a hilly walk up and down to the beach but well worth it and a stop off at The Cliff Top Cafe or The Salty Dog are highly recommended for a refuel with dogs welcome at both.

Lansallos and Lantic Bay between Polperro and Fowey are the most stunning secluded coves, the walks up and down are steep which means these beaches are often quieter and they are just stunning.

Looe's Dog-Friendly Amenities

East Looe, a lively seaside town, excels in providing dog-friendly amenities. The town offers a variety of dog friendly pubs and cafes such as Dunk, Dotty's and Pier One, which are known for their friendly atmosphere for both pets and owners.

Further enhancing the culinary experience for dog owners are eateries like The Stargazy Bar & Grill and The Old Boathouse all embracing pet-friendly policies. Not to mention, additional dog-accommodating venues like Ye Olde Salutation Inn and The Black Swan.

When it comes to dog friendly cottages in Looe, options are aplenty including:

With such a range of dog-friendly facilities, Looe ensures a memorable visit for both you and your furry friend.

Ye Olde Salutation Inn Pub


From the shores of Hannafore Beach and the tranquil retreat of Plaidy Beach to the picturesque woodland walks in Kilminorth Woods and the adventure along the South West Coast Path, Looe presents an array of dog-friendly destinations that promise a unique experience for both dogs and their owners.

The surrounding region further enhances the appeal with its variety of dog-friendly beaches, each offering a different vibe and a unique set of activities. Coupled with Looe’s array of dog-friendly amenities, the town truly stands out as a canine paradise.

So, if you’re looking for the perfect dog-friendly holiday destination, look no further than Looe. It’s not just a town, but an experience that both you and your furry friend will cherish.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are dogs allowed on Downderry beach?

Yes, dogs are allowed all year at Downderry Beach, so feel free to bring your furry friend along for a day of fun in the sun!

Are dogs allowed on Polperro beach?

Yes, dogs are allowed on Polperro beach all year round, but they must be on leads between 10am and 6pm. Enjoy your time at the beach with your furry friend!

Are there dog friendly beaches in Looe?

Dogs are not allowed on the main Looe Beach, but they are welcome all year at Hannafore Beach in West Looe. Enjoy a seaside stroll with your furry friend at Hannafore Beach!

What amenities are available for dog owners in Looe?

In Looe, dog owners can enjoy a variety of amenities such as dog-friendly pubs, cafes, and accommodations, including Dunks, The Salutation, Daisy's Cafe and Dotty's Cafe to name but a few. So, you and your furry friend can explore and dine together in these welcoming establishments.

Are there any walking trails in Looe that are suitable for dogs?

Yes, there are walking trails in Looe that are suitable for dogs, including the South West Coast Path and Kilminorth Woods. Enjoy exploring these beautiful trails with your furry friend!

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  Published on 14 March 2024 By Helena Jaycock